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Support beyond the book

This book aims to enable independent innovative work. Support beyond this will continue to be important and necessary at times, of course. Whenever that is the case, get in touch with CityLAB Berlin. Here are some examples of when that might occur:

Workshop facilitation

If things get stuck at a very specific point in the process and fail to move on, CityLAB offers flexible formats for support. We can provide one or more workshops on the methods, stages, or phases described in this book, for example.

Process support

Before things get started or are pursued further, CityLAB offers advisory or accompanying support for entire processes and projects.

Expert input on selected aspects of the book

If there are questions internally or at management level about the book, methods, or administrative innovation that are not readily answered, the authors are willing to assist with a brief introduction, talk, or expert discussion.

Methods training

If different colleagues and departments are interested in using the methods set out in this book, we can instruct on individual or combined methods to larger groups.

Networking event

We’re more than happy to support you in planning and implementing events for networking innovation drivers.

The authors regard this book as the first version of a living document. This means the content, templates and methods will continue to be developed in the future. It also means critical feedback on this book is most welcome. Further, the authors hope this dialog will create a networked community of interested and motivated administrative innovators.